The Art of the Bath: 6 Benefits of Taking a Bath That Support Your Wellness

Why taking a bath feels so good 

Moving past the utilitarian function of your shower and into a bath can seem like a huge commitment. After all, it takes time to fill the tub and it takes time to soak. But where should we take time if not to care for our bodies? 

Slipping into warm waters and submerging your body is a relaxing practice with roots in many early civilizations – India, Greece, Rome. The Romans created bathhouses all over Europe. They were fashioned from a series of elaborately decorated rooms, each with different temperature waters which allowed the bather to ease into the experience. First, you would walk into a warm room to relax the body, then onto the next room and a hot bath for a steamy detox, then you’d take a dip in a cool pool to rinse and recenter. 

Over 2000 years of civilization and development have passed since then, but the principles of bathing remain the same. Soaking in a tub pulls the stiffness out of your body. It melts your muscles and allows you to slow down, to breathe. When your body is surrounded by water you are weightless and calm.

The benefits of frequent baths 

Considering how many things you have to balance on a daily basis it's super important to find ways to manage stress. One of the keys to successful stress management is routine.  Knowing you can count on regular periods of downtime to let go allows you to move more confidently. 

And so does knowing what baths can do for you! There are so many benefits.

They can help you sleep

Your ability to fall asleep and stay asleep is affected by your daily habits. Submerging your body in warm water creates a soothing environment that helps you let go of your daily stressors – the mental and physical. Many people have been helped by a bathing routine before bed.[2]

They lower your stress levels naturally

Soaking in a warm bathtub can help decrease the amount of hormones in your body that cause stress and rebalance your serotonin levels. That means they give you a way to regulate your mood. If you’re struggling with mood swings, the grounding effects of regular bathing can be added to your routine and help you manage your mental health. [2] 

They ease muscle soreness

Stiffness can creep into the body so easily. Whether it’s from sitting at a desk all day, injury or strain, stiffness and soreness make it hard to relax. But soaking in a tub eases your muscles and helps you to let go. When you need to sit or move the day after, it will be easier to hold your posture with less pain. 

They help with cold symptoms

The hot water of your bath is not the only source of wellness in the tub with you. The steam also has a positive effect. It relaxes your nasal passageways. The steam helps you fight cold and flu symptoms and improves respiration. 

They are good for your heart

Frequent bathing is associated with lower blood pressure and hypertension. Keeping your blood pressure low is crucial to keeping your heart pumping healthily, so take advantage of that and get in a good soak. 

They make space for calm

Your peace of mind can be easy to lose track of. You have responsibilities and you get after them. But sometimes, being so responsible means putting yourself on the back burner, doesn’t it? Establishing a regular bath routine means that you have dedicated time to wind down. No additional decision fatigue of burn out from trying to keep up with self-care rituals in addition to everything else you’ve got going on. Marking out your bath time daily means the decision is already made and taking care of yourself is built into how you move throughout the day. 

Set up a bath time routine that nourishes your soul as well as your body 

Your bathing routine involves your whole body. So, remember to include something that delights each one of your senses. Queue up a relaxing playlist. Grab a cup of tea if you’re so inclined– chamomile is lovely and soothing at the end of any day. While the water is running, tend to your remaining senses. 

Grab your favorite candle and light it. By the time you get in, the fragrance of the room will lift your spirits. You can shift the mood by picking the right scent. Want to get into the mood of the holiday season? Try a Christmasy blue spruce. If you need a little boost, the scent of oranges is known to invoke feelings of happiness. Looking for a wind-down? Light up some lovely lavender to soothe your nerves and cover yourself with a sense of calm. 

Remember your eyes. You’ll be taking in every sight around you while you bathe, so surrounding yourself with beauty is important. Make use of color as often as you can. If soft pink makes you feel loved and appreciated, try out our Pink Onyx Marble candle. It’ll bring you ancient bathhouse vibes. Bonus, it’s reusable! You can refill it with your favorite candle, or you can use the container to hold any tools you need nearby, like your razor. You can also go for a more neutral look if you need to visually declutter in order to feel soothed, and try out our Nero Marquina (Black) Marble or Carrera White Marble candle. 

Prep your body to fully experience feeling the soothing effects of water by dry brushing first. (link) Use a brush the fits the experience you are trying to create. The smooth curve of our Marble Body Brush fits gently into your hand, warms at your touch, and soothes your palms as you brush and stimulate your skin. 

It’s your time, so use it mindfully. Sit back and let the water ease your body. You deserve it. 

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