Pink Onyx Marble Luxury Candle

Scented Candle


A first of it’s kind vessel, combining luxury craftsmanship and unique, exquisite scents.

The refillable marble candle features a marble holder and an interchangeable insert. Simply replace the insert to enjoy another scent.  As stylish as it is a sensory experience, the candle makes a stunning gift or treat for your home.  

The Onice Rosa is a natural Pink Onyx stone, elegant, unique and intense. Long-prized as a gemstone, onyx is a cryptocrystalline form of quartz. It features mesmerizing jewel-like translucence and exotic banding in diverse shades.

  • Handmade vessel crafted in small batches and hand poured
  • Burn time: up to 40 hours
  • 8.0 oz.
  • Refillable

  • Fragrance Options 

     Fragrance Notes Strength
    Limestead oakmoss, hints of orange, sage, amber strong
    Eavestone bergamont, oud and patchouli strong
    Misty Moor wild grass, heather, cotton grass, mist medium
    Fig Tree green fig, dried fruit, green foliage,moss medium
    English Garden jasmine, gardenia, plumeria strong
    Cannabis Flower cannabis flower, amber, musk strong
    Tobacco & Cedar tobacco, cedar, leather, mahogony medium
    Orange Blossom jasmine, neroli, orange blossom, petitgrain, bergamot strong
    Lavender lavender (sage, vetiver or chamomile)


    Peach Nectar fresh peach, vanilla



    The Pink Marble Refillable Scented Candle from Gilded on Vimeo.


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