Behind The Name GILDED

For centuries, whisper-thin gold leaf have adorned the worlds most exquisite works of art. From the tombs of ancient Egyptian gods and goddesses, to opulent Art Nouveau icons, gold has been used both to add an ethereal touch and also for its protective finish. This delicate process, known as gilding, is exceptional in every detail —so, the saying goes, to gild the lily is to hold a candle to the sun —in other words, to take something that is already perfect and make it better. Our products honor this craft and embody the marriage of luxury with a painstaking attention to detail - taking your already perfect body, and making it even better. 



Your skin is your body's largest organ. It protects you from all elements and carries you through life. Gilded serves as a reminder that good skincare doesn't stop with beautiful face washes, luxurious serums and face masks. Our bodies deserve the same care. At Gilded, we believe body care is a ritual that can be rejuvenating, re-centering and restorative. We invite you to pause for a moment, wrap your skin in luxurious plant oils and hydrating shea butter and balance both your body and mind with our full range of body products and scented candles. 

Gilded offers body skincare that's as beautiful to the touch as to the eye. We believe that every body deserves the very best.