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We're shifting the view of skincare beyond our faces for a more balanced approach to skincare. 

Dermatologically designed and tested specifically for the body. 



The Supreme Body Balm


For the Body

Step 1: Brush

The Marble Body Brush

Brush your way to radiant, beautiful & healthy skin with our patented marble dry body brush. The first of its kind, the marble brush is entirely hand made of the worlds finest marble, selected for its beauty, durability and timelessness, our hand honed marble base and natural fiber bristles make it a beautiful addition to your body skincare routine. 

Step 2: Exfoliate

The Brightening Body Polish

Banish rough, dry, uneven skin with our potent, moisture-intense brightening body polish.

Formulated with ingredients of super fruits proven to soften, exfoliate and hydrate your skin leaving healthier and a more vibrant looking complexion. Head to toe luxurious skin is within your reach.

Step 3: Hydrate and Glow

The Body Balm

A comprehensive body moisturizer for dry to very dry skin. Formulated with a high concentration of Shea Butter, moisturizing plant oils, hyaluronic acid and squalene, the body balm nourishes the skin, reversing dryness and restoring softness and long-lasting hydration for up to 72 hours.

Effective, luxurious body skincare

The body is and has always been a thing of beauty, the vessel by which we create things, experience life, and move through the world. 

Isn't it time you practiced a skincare routine that supports your body in all the ways it supports you?

Our mission is to elevate the conversation around body skincare and to offer high quality, effective options that feel luxurious and are easily incorporated in your wellness & beauty routines.  

Inspired by the practice of gilding, an ancient and timeless beauty practice used to protect what is precious, we bring you the best of Body Skin Care.  

Through our Care in Skincare initiative, we are working to reduce dermatologic health disparities and increase access to care by providing virtual and in person access to dermatologic care for uninsured and low income women and children. 

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