Dry Brushing: Easy, Luxurious Techniques and Benefits You'll Love

There is a lot of information about dry brushing online. We know you get it: you need to dry brush

Everyone recommends it, from Cosmo to Oprah. But here’s the thing – how do you dry brush? Is there a right way? Does it matter how often you do it? 

Yes, it does.

And yes, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got all the goods: 

  • How to dry brush
  • What dry brushing is good for
  • How often you should dry brush
  • What you should dry brush with

We’ll answer all of your questions with simple answers. Once you read this, you’ll be ready to go. 

What Is Dry Brushing?

Dry brushing is exactly what it sounds like… using a brush without the help of water, lotions, serums, or moisturizers. It’s the process of gently scrubbing your skin in order to loosen dead skin cells

To be clear, we don’t mean just any old brush. For example, you don’t want to take your hairbrush to your neck just to try out this technique. 

You need a brush that can do the job gently and effectively – one made of natural fibers like jute or cactus [a]. Fibers like jute are long and soft[b]. They bend with your brushing motion to give you a soft stimulation that feels like an at-home spa day.

Dry Brushing – a Quick “How-To”

There are the basics of brushing – we’ll get to them, we promise – but there is another factor to consider. The mood. Adding a dry brush into your routine ups the luxe factor, making you feel exactly as you deserve. Pampered. Cherished. 

Oh, and by the way, another way to up the mood factor is by lighting your favorite candle while your brush. 

Here’s how you get that good feeling:

 Pro tip – 

Start slow. You don’t want to rush into dry brushing. If you get too excited and go ham, you’ll rub yourself raw and irritated – ouch! So if you’re just starting out, add dry brushing into your bathing routine once a week, two at most.  

You can dry brush more frequently as your skin gets used to the process.

 When you’re dry brushing, you’ll want to – 

  • Begin with dry skin. This is our favorite part – committing to spending time with your naked self. Before washing or even turning the water on, get your skin bare and ready for brushing.

  • Start from your feet. You’ll be moving from the bottom up, starting with the part of your body that moves you where you need to be. So take your time with this. Think of it as pedicure prep!

  • Brush upward with long, gentle strokes. Each brush stroke is reaching heartward.

  • PAY ATTENTION. Your body will tell you if you overbrushing. If you feel too sensitive or irritated, that’s your body’s way of telling you it doesn’t need so much brushing. Watch out for cuts, any open places in your skin, sun damage, or other irritation – like rashes).

  • Follow up your dry brushing with bathing and moisturizing to seal in all of your good work.

 Dry Brushing Health Benefits

You may be wondering – why should I dry brush? Do I get anything out of it, other than an at-home spa day? While this is enough motivation for some, we understand if you want the dermatological science behind the luxury. So here it is. 

  • Dry brushing encourages proper drainage of your lymphatic system. Your lymph nodes support your immune system. By brushing upward towards your heart, you help it to drain and flow, boosting your overall immune health. [d]

  • Gives relief from ingrown hairs. Those little hairs trapped painfully under mounds of tight, dry skin, can be worked back to the surface by regular dry brushing. Removing those unhelpful dry skin cells means less skin to clump, clog, and create problems.

  • It exfoliates your skin gently and tightens it as well

  • Creates smoother skin by reducing the appearance of cellulite. Now let’s be clear – to get rid of cellulite completely means addressing your diet and exercise routines. But you can get some reward for good behavior as you work on creating new habits. Dry brushing creates a temporary plumping effect in your skin. [e]

    Feeling good about how you look can inspire you to implement those better habits!

  • Promotes clearer pores by removing dirt, oil, and dry skin. It removes things that might clog your pores, leaving your skin clearer and healthier.

 Before you run and brush yourself – we know you want to, it feels so darn good – let’s make sure that you’ve got the right brush in your bathroom.  One that will take your dry brushing experience to the next level.

You guessed it! We’re talking about the marble body brush.

You’ll Love the Body Brush – Here’s Why

Dry brushing is not about hacking through dead skin and removing it like lawn waste. It’s about taking care of yourself and boosting the overall health of your body. It’s not a chore. It’s a treat.

So, treat yourself to the body brush that makes dry brushing a delight 

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s what people are saying about the marble body brush:

– “It makes bath time a true delight.”

– “This brush is truly crafted to perfection and the perfect piece to add to your bathroom vanity collection. So chic, luxe, and classy and highly recommended!”


– “After using this brush it really gives me a boost of energy and my skin feels a lot softer after my shower.”


– “This brush is fab - in fabulous. Exquisite in person. I'm gifting this to everyone for the holidays.” [c]


We are all about self-care here at Gilded. The marble body brush is the perfect gift for yourself. Or, the perfect gift for any loved woman in your life. We know she deserves luxurious weekly pampering. Get yours today!


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