Dry Brushing

We’re going to let you in on a secret. 

The key to radiant, more even tone skin below the neck is dry brushing. 

The ritual of exfoliating with a bristled brush against dry skin, commonly called dry brushing, has been around for centuries and in many cultures and we’re sort of obsessed.  Taking just a few minutes before your bath is a simple, yet, efficient way to enhance your skincare routines. 

We've reimagined the practice of dry brushing with our patented marble body brush for an even more invigorating and luxurious experience. ⠀⠀⠀⠀

The weightiness of the marble base allows for an even distribution of pressure and contact with your skin. Incorporating dry brushing into your daily body care routine helps to improves skin appearance by removing the top layers of dull and dead skin cells and revealing the healthy cells underneath.
Additionally, manual exfoliation helps to increase blood flow to the area and reduce inflammation. This stimulates the lymphatic system as blood increases in that area, and can help eliminate cellular waste.

Consider incorporating dry brushing in your routine.  The Gilded Marble Body Brush makes it a truly luxurious experience. 

Your best body awaits.

Here's how:

How to Use:

Begin with completely dry skin. Starting at your ankle, move your brush over your skin in long, circular motions that go in the direction of your heart.  

Use it to gently, but with firm pressure massage your body in an upward motion.  Use the body brush one to two times per week.  Wash your brush with soap or shampoo at least twice a month. Use sunscreen to protect your skin. 

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