The simple act of lighting a favorite candle, that first gentle wave of scent,
enhance any environment and brighten any occasion or event.
Use at your vanity to set a zen-like mood for your morning makeup routine.  Line the fireplace or mantel for a dinner party or settle into a comfortable spot - a few lit, on the tub ledge to accompany a bubble bath or a favorite wrapped and ready for the perfect and appreciated gift.
And, in our disposable world, how wonderful to know that your favorite candle can be refilled or repurposed as a vessel for something precious to you.
Gilded designed the first luxury refillable and sustainable candle. Our candles, hand poured in small batches, are encased within exquisitely designed marble & onyx vessels that are refillable.  The marble and onyx are sustainably sourced from the worlds finest quarries then refined and honed by natural stone artisans.
Each candle set is composed of two pieces: a smooth and unique marble vessel and a glass or metal insert.  The removable insert allows you to burn a different candle to suit your mood or occasion.  
The vessel is designed to complement any room and can be repurposed after burning the candle, making our single-wick scented candles much more than a striking home accessory.  Choose to refill it with another candle or use it to display items on your vanity, or in your office, or home. 

Each candle is hand poured with a custom pure wax blend formulated to be clean burning.  We use premium grade pure fragrance for the maximum cold and hot throw, to produce a fragrant aroma that will fill your desired space for hours.  The wick is constructed of 100% natural fibers and is lead free to promoting a robust flame and optimal burn time.
Our candles are scented with pure, fragrance that is phthalate-free and essential oils formulated by professional fragrance developers.  In addition to the three seductive luxury fragrance options, we also accept custom fragrance requests for a truly custom and unique candle.