Notes — Peony, green foliage, musk, and hints of vanilla.

Scent Story  
Delicate but everlasting, Peony encapsulates spring in all its aromatic glory. Marrying together hints of magnolia and freesia, with a key note of peony, this fragrance folds through the air like only the freshest florals could. Feminine, yet with a crisp edge, the scent is subtly sweet like a fresh bouquet, picked from springtime garden on a breezy day, where a feminine fragrance blushes through dusty pink neutrals and rich warm hues. A clear blue sky extends over and above, a springtime suggestion of continuity. As the candle infuses, the bud continues to bloom, holding hope and promising opportunity as spring ends and the seasons roll on.

A Rose Bouquet (Chandler's Choice)

Notes — Rose, foliage, and vanilla.

Scent Story 
Old world romance spliced with modern notes, A Rose Bouquet courts a rose garden in peak bloom. Carrying a storied history in a single scent, from a Persian princess pouring rose water to fill entire royal fountains, to Shakespeare waxing lyrically about Cleopatra’s affinity with rose water. Velveteen petals atop forest green leaves, this is a layered scent that would look like flowing white chiffon set against a rich red silk. She could be a delicately kept rose or a gypsy wild rose, progressive and reminiscent, both at the same time. Beyond what meets the eye, she’s a modern-day fusion that’s forever unfolding.     

English Garden

Notes — Sweet pea, jasmine, gardenia, plumeria, larkspur, rose, lilies, solomon's seal, evening primrose, and viburnum.

Scent Story   
An English Garden, drenched in roses and dusted with wildflowers, surrounded by creamy stonewalls and greige grounds. Overcome by sprawling ivy, woven by nature, delicately embroidered through heavy walls and towering arches. Tucked away from the roar of the town, behind a heavy mahogany door complete with gilded brass fittings, a distinctly feminine scent infuses all that surrounds. Born from a walled garden, defined by ceremonial arches and columns, there is a sense of the evergreen in this powdered scent. Here you will stumble upon a grace stemming from yesteryear, an opulent fragrance that will linger for all the years. It stems from a motley palette of English thicket and fresh wild thistle, and painterly blooms of ivory, pastel and velvet hues.



Notes — Bergamont, oud, and patchouli.

Scent story 
An intricately complex scent with notes of bergamot, oud and patchouli, Eavestone is a stunning symbiosis, creating and restoring meaning. Inspired by enchanted fairytales, exuding a magic that could captivate the young and the old, Eavestone is a spilling romance born out of spaces steeped in history. Star-crossed lovers, in a rich green forest. Billowing fresh leafy overhangs, and clustered wildflowers sprinkled beneath the feet. A quiet opulence, set before the woods and the earth. At once, Eavestone is traditional and virtuous, as well as majestic and magical. It is medieval grandeur, with a modern touch. Rich in symbolism, this scent has the star power to inspire deep emotion, and transport you to a most special moment.



Notes  — Oak moss, hints of orange, grapefruit, sage, amber

Scent story 
A traditional English scent, which finds itself against a backdrop of amber and oak moss. Raw, yet refined, Limestead could easily blend into an artist palette of marble and the finest limestone. A rich scent, captured best by the powerful contrast between a pearlescent silk and aged dark leather. Think brooding plum hues and amber resin stirred up on an English escape under a majestic oak tree.

Peach Blossom

Notes — Fresh peach, and apple.

Scent story   
Inspired by the many tree-lined Peachtree Streets in Atlanta, Georgia, this scent is a warm and welcomed revival. Stirred to resemble a peach mimosa, sipped at a long, sun-drenched summer brunch on the curb side of a bustling city street dotted with stately mansions and manicured topiaries. If you get close enough, you may start to hear the chatter of city revelers, or even smell a note of Sinatra, in this slightly fruity scent spun with an easy elegance that never goes out of style.

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