The Body Kit

Body Care


So you've mastered a skincare routine for your face. What about your body?

Get They Body Kit for total body care.

The Body Kit includes

  • The Body Brush
  • The Brightening Body Polish
  • The Hydrating & Nourishing Body Balm

The Body Brush

The mechanical action of dry brushing is one of the most effective methods to exfoliate dry, flaky winter skin, increase circulation, soften and tone your skin, and improve cellulite.

The Body Polish

Get head to toe glow and unmatched skin softening, exfoliation and hydration with The Body Polish. 

The Body Balm

A rich, multi purpose, medium-weight powerhouse treatment for dry, uneven skin.  Formulated with a synergistic combination of glycolic, lactic, and pyruvic organic acids to gently exfoliate, treat breakouts and refine skin texture.   


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